Welcome to PWS Technology Blog

Welcome to the PWS Tech Blog.

This blog is an opportunity for students to discuss various topics throughout the quarter with other students. In doing this you will learn about blogging, how to communicate digitally, and become a responsible digital citizen.


With that said, you will need to think about your responses and make them grammatically correct as well as appropriate. This is not the place to vent about other students and/or make inappropriate comments; that would be cyberbullying and that is not allowed whatsoever.

If you need additional information regarding how to write a comment, visit this blog: Commenting Blog

Blog #1 – Digital Etiquette

The first topic, I would like to have you discuss is digital etiquette.

  1. How would you define digital etiquette?
  2. What are some examples of digital etiquette?
  3. When you think of your cell phone, what are some rules that you should follow in regards to digital etiquette?

Please respond to each question in your comment.  Read others comments and respond to them if you feel compelled.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to PWS Technology Blog

  1. 1. Digital etiquette is being polite and using the right grammar in a digital world.

    2. Some examples of digital etiquette are when you are in a chat room and you use the words please and thank you, and you don’t bully people.

    3. When you are on your cell phone a rule you should follow in regards to digital etiquette is not bullying, like not send mean comments to hurt someones feelings.

  2. Being respectful on your laptops, & being respectful to other people while using the internet.

  3. Good respectful use on the internet.
    Being appropriate.
    Being respectful.
    Not cyber-bullying.
    Not sending pictures, talking innapropriate, just using it right, being good. Not texting bad things. Don’t use it in class.

  4. 1. It mean manners when using technology or any thing that is related to technology and being polite
    2. Some examples are when you are on a chat rooms and you use nice words instead of insulting words.
    3. When your on your cell phone you should follow the rules and not bully.

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